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2003-2004 Season of the Concert Series (Archive)

Sponsored by Millard, Rouse & Rosebrugh LLP

!I Profundi!, Piano Quartet

-a musical entity which gathers appropriate musicians together for the performance of both familiar and unfamiliar works of chamber music. A program is chosen because the works need to be played and because they complement each other. The musicians are also mutually complementary and come together to bring the music to life.

Roman Borys - Cellist

Erika Raum-violin

Scott St. John-viola

Lydia Wong- piano

Anagnoson & Kinton, Piano Duo

November 19, 2003
Dedicated to the memory of Edna Spaxman

Young Artists' Recital

February 20, 2004

The Brantford Music Club supports outstanding young, local musicians through scholarships and performance opportunities. Each year in February, one concert is devoted to local, young artists performing at a high level. These opportunities have helped launch the careers of many talented musicians.

Lucy-Ana Gaston, Violinist

Candice Leung - Piano

Woodman Senior Chime Choir
The twenty member Woodman Senior Chime Choir was formed in September 2001 by Loraine Winterbon, the secretary at the school.
All pieces arranged for chimes/handbells by Frances L. Callahan and Martha Lynne Thompson
Members of the Chime Choir
Jaime Town, Ashley Wagnaar,Chelsea Biggs, Julianne Kwan, Victoria Hall, Emily Place, Tanya Nagle, Terri Nagle, Samantha Jennings, Nicole Goodbrand, Caleigh Backway, Emily Backway, Janet Murray, Emily Murray, Danielle Cudmore, Kelly Dinh, Zun Pwint, Samantha Pozzo, Robin Minshall, Brittany Hunt, Sarah Logan

Mark Dubois - tenor & David Warrack - piano

April 14, 2004

Mark DuBois

David Warrack