It's never too early to start preparing young people for their futures. Students entering school today face the significant challenge of preparing for a rapidly changing economy. They need an early start to be ready to meet society's demands. So no matter what their path in life, they will b ready and eager to learn, take risks, overcome the fear of failure and charge into unknown territory.

This is partially accomplished by teaching young people about how the world works and the positive aspects of trying something new. JA also builds confidence by providing positive role models through business volunteers that deliver the program. Building confidence in students at an early age can help give them the edge they'll need in later years.


JA of Brantford is partnered with the Brant County Board of Education and offers "The Company Program" two evenings a week between October and May each year.

At this evening program young people select and operate their own company over a 15-25 week period. Guided by a team of business advisers, students meet once a week at either Pauline Johnson Collegiate or Paris District High School.

Every aspect of owning and running a business is covered, from raising capital by selling shares of stock, to preparing a business plan and financial statements, to producing the product or service and developing marketing and sales strategies. At the end of the program the company is liquidated, the books are closed, dividends are declared and distributed and a report is issued to the shareholders.

Last year students from our high schools formed three successful companies and manufactured and sold product that ranged from bubble gum machines to bath products.

If you are interested in learning more about Junior Achievement call 752-0161