Brant Resource Guide #4

Brant County

grand river


Brant County was officially established in 1853. It is named for the Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant who settled the area in the late 1700's. Brantford is the largest city, and the following townships make up the County: Brantford Twp, Burford Twp, Oakland Twp, South Dumfries Twp, Onondaga Twp, and Tuscarora Twp. Tuscarora home to the Six Nations Reserve.

This Guide includes only general Brant County materials - additional resources are listed under individual towns and townships.

Library Materials - History

B 921 BRA ROB 1986 (Book) Robinson, Helen Caister / Joseph Brant: a man for his people

B 971.347 ROB 1995 (Book) Robertson, Mel / Around the Burford Plain: early 1700's to 1985

B 971.347 BRA BTF 1967 (Book) / History of ours: French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian

B 971.347 BRA BUR 1973? (Book) Burrage, Walter / A pioneer history of south Brant and the adjacent townships

B 971.347 BRA CLA 1966 (Booklet) Clarke, Robert, Disher, H, Hill, Bruce, Luard, P. D. / A glimpse of the past: a centennial history of Brantford and Brant County

B 971.347 BRA HIS 1883 (Book) / The history of the county of Brant, Ontario (Werner & Beers)

B 971.347 BRA JOH 1967 (Book) Johnston, C. M. / Brant county: a history, 1784-1945

B 971.347 BRA REV v.1-2 1920 (Book) Reville, F. Douglas / The history of the county of Brant

B 971.347 BRA WAL v.1-2 1984 (Book) Waldie, Jean / Brant county: the story of it's people

B 971.347 BTF KEM 1986 (Book) Kempster, Janet and Muir, Gary / Brantford: Grand River crossing

B 971.347 WAL 1952 (Booklet) Waldie, Jean / The county of Brant - centennial sketches

O 971.3 DUN 1945 (Book) Dunham, Mabel / Grand River

O 971.336 LOY (Book) Loyalist Families of the Grand River

Census Materials

B 929.3717 BRA Index to the 1851 Census of Brant County (separate listings by township)

B 929.3 BRA Brant Count census index 1871: including Brantford, Burford, St.George, Oakland, Tuscorora, South Dumfries, Paris, Onondaga /

B 929.3 BUR HAY 1901 Census of Brant County - full census for: Brantford, Burford, Onondaga and South Dumfries Townships.

Brant Publications (not including cemetery records or materials relating to specific towns or townships)


#037 - Brant County 1869/70 Directory, an 82 Page Reprint, with Ads

#093 - Directory of Brant County -1885

#094 - Directory of Brant County -Business and Industry - 1913

#092 - Farmer's Directory of Brant County,1885 (Names, Lot and Concession)

#034 - County of Brant Business Directory 1891


#167 - Births, Deaths in the Brantford Conservative", 1852/57

#191 - Announcements in Brantford Newspapers-1988

#192 - Announcements in Brantford Newspapers-1989

#100 - Death Notices of Bible Christians in "The Christian Guardian" Newspaper: 1829 to 1860


#005 - Index to "History of Brant County", (Warner, Beers), 1883.

#006 - Tremaine's Map of Brant County, 1858

#007 - Index to Tremaine's Map of Brant County, by Township

#082 - Index to "A Glimpse of the Past", the Centennial History of Brantford and Brant County

#143 - Index to Revilles "History of Brant County" - Volume 1


#055 - Brant County Cemetery Records - a Current Listing of Cemeteries with Directions to the Site

#075 - Churches of Brant County - a 25 Page Listing of Area Churches

#076 - Register of Persons Convicted of High Treason, 1812 War

#077 - Brant County School Registers, an 8 Page Listing

#078 - Early Development of Brant County - Listing Reeves, Treasurers, 1851

#079 - Rural Public Schools of Brant County

#107 - Brant County War Dead - Ww1 -- 1914 to 1918

#108 - Brant County War Dead - Ww2 -- 1939 to 1945

#140 - The Militia Roll-- 1828

#144 - the Alma Luard "Brant County Families" Collection

#168 - Tracing Your Family in Brant County

#196 - Brant Historical Society Papers, 1908 to 1911

#196i - Index to Brant Historical Society Papers, 1908 to 1911

Cemetery Records

Cemetery transcriptions for Brant County are extensive, and are listed by township in our publications brochure.


Tremaine's Map- 1858 - with Index

1875 Brant County Atlas

Vertical File

There is a Brant County Vertical File with clippings, notes and pamphlets arranged by topic and geographical area within Brant County.